About Us

Brooke's Story

I have always loved makeup. I was the girl who brought all her makeup to girl’s camp to do makeovers! So 10 years ago when I was given an opportunity to sell and teach makeup, I took it!

After selling makeup through this MLM for over 10 years I loved a lot about it, but there were things that I didn't love. So I decided to take the things I loved -- Makeup Coaching and Makeup Artistry-- and focus on that. It was a great decision, because not only did I love it, I was good at it.

But then something happened. Clients would meet with me for coaching, and since I was still offering my MLM makeup line to clients, I felt like they were uncomfortable with that. And I also felt uncomfortable with that. So I started searching for maybe another MLM to also offer to clients... I searched for a long time-- and actually signed up for 2 different ones.... 

It still wasn't the right thing. Shortly after that a light bulb went off! Why don't I just start my own line?? It seemed like a huge undertaking, but once I made the decision, I couldn't look back. My number one goal with this makeup line is to help women be strong and love themselves