Meet Brooke

Brooke's Story

I have always loved makeup. I was the girl who brought all of her makeup to girl’s camp to do makeovers! So, 10 years ago when I was given an opportunity to sell and teach makeup, I took it! My favorite part was Teaching Makeup and Makeup Artistry-- because not only did I love it, I was good at it.

I was trained by celebrity makeup artist Robert Jones. My makeup work has been featured in music videos, Channel 2 news, Good Things Utah, Studio 5, MTV, business advertising, and I’ve worked with different celebrity photographers and videographers. But my most favorite part about all of this is working with women, and helping them feel strong and beautiful.

After selling makeup through an MLM for over 10 years I loved a lot about it, but there were things that it didn’t have that I wanted to offer my clients. So I searched high and low to find the perfect fit! 

Brooke Whitney Beauty is MY dream come true! I’m excited to offer beautiful, affordable, high quality, easy to use products that look amazing on every woman. 

My number one goal with this makeup line is to help women be strong and love themselves. Encourage. Empower. Enhance.